Change Requests

Change requests are organized in groups. Each change request has 3 rows, the first row has five columns:

  1. Group
  2. CR Number
  3. Status
  4. Submission Date
  5. Title

The next row is the Business Reason, the final row is the Description.

NULL - Meaning no primary group assigned
X12N/TGA/WG2 - Change Request Management
X12N/TGB/WG1 - Benefit Information
X12N/TGB/WG2 - Claims Encounters and Attachments
X12N/TGB/WG3 - Payment Information
X12N/TGB/WG5 - Claim Status and Claim Acknowledgment Information
X12N/TGB/WG6 - Entity Information
X12N/TGB/WG7 - P&C Policy Administration
X12N/TGB/WG10 - Services Review Information
X12N/TGB/WG15 - Provider Information
X12N/TGB/WG16 - Enrollment Information
X12N/TGB/WG22 - Health Care Data Reporting
X12N/TGC/WG5 - Harmonization
X12N/TGC/WG7 - EDI Acknowledgements